The Best Blender for Green Smoothies

best blender for green smoothies

Smoothies are the healthiest beverage drinks that anyone out there should have. Blended with fruits or vegetables with other ingredients like water, ice or ice cream, smoothies are your ideal drink in the morning especially or throughout the day.

Now, to be honest, the best blender that will get your smoothies properly blended is the popular Ninja Auto IQ blender. The beauty about the Ninja Auto IQ is its powerful motor that is suited for making green smoothies.

The basic features of the Ninja Auto IQ Blender

Why the Ninja Auto IQ is good for green smoothies

A few cautions when using the Ninja Auto IQ

Final words

Always keep the blender units as clean as possible to prevent food poisoning. Now personally I prefer this blender for the green smoothies because its rivals are less durable or overtime spill out liquids during blending.

The Ninja Auto IQ also comes with 30 recipes that you can use, or you can be inventive and create your own masterpiece.